The Voodoo High Priestess Of "Gun Control"

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By Kirby Ferris

Copyright 2009, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.” Sun Tsu, “The Art of War”

Dianne Feinstein is quite a piece of work. Like some sort of perverse Joan of Arc, she got her first real taste of the “gun control” game when madman Patrick Purdy shot up a Stockton, California school yard. She became the Queen Bee, the Big Mama, of the so-called “assault weapons” ban.

She is completely aware of JPFO’s meticulous research on “gun control” laws, firearms registration, and firearms confiscation. She knows full well the relationship behind “gun control” and mass murder by governments-gone-bad. (See - JPFO’s Genocide Chart)

I say this with one hundred percent confidence. Why? Because I personally handed her the JPFO genocide material in a small café in Stinson Beach, California years ago. You see, “DiFi” had a vacation home on the ritzy stretch of beach in that little Northern California town. I kept the JPFO material handy, as I’d met her on several occasions, and knew my chance would come to deliver the genocide message to her. Oh yeah, I did so with a witness standing by, who later signed a sworn affidavit.

So what?

Yeah, so what? What difference did it, or does it, make? In regards to the Brain of Feinstein? None whatsoever. She is a betrayer of America and the Bill of Rights, matched only by some of the other treacherous vermin that sit with her in Congress.

The Obama Administration has gone through “gun control” spokespeople like a third rate NFL team goes through quarterbacks. First Eric Holder, the Attorney General, piped up about more draconian gun laws. Then that insufferable hag Nancy Pelosi stepped in and countermanded Eric’s pronouncements. (Read - "Not Now Eric")

Then, like floundering rookies, Holder and Pelosi were benched, and the “old pro” has now come into the game. I think we can safely bet that Feinstein will remain Obama’s Quisling Quarterback of Choice for the duration of his fumbling stay in office.(Vidkun Quisling was a Norwegian politician who helped the Nazis conquer his nation. A “Quisling” is another word for traitor.)

And Dianne has certainly taken charge with an arrogance and egotism that is truly stunning. In a recent interview with Leslie Stahl on “Sixty Minutes” she made some remarkable pronouncements. (See "60 Minutes" article)

Asked of her plans for more “gun control” legislation, she told Stahl: “I’ll pick the time and place.”

Oh yes, Your Highness! Please do exercise your Divine Right to befoul our freedom even further! Do so whenever your tea leaves and chicken entrails so instruct you!

I wonder how quacking Carolyn McCarthy, smirky Chuckie Schumer, and sob sister Sarah Brady feel about Dianne acting like she’s the new leader of the Gun Ban Band?

Feinstein then went on to declare that: “The National Rifle Association essentially has a stranglehold on the Congress.”

This little tidbit of disinformation is why I opened this article with Sun Tzu’s famous quote. Please read it again and digest it carefully.

Everyone from Barack Hussein Obama on down wants American gun owners to actually believe that the Obama Administration and Congress don’t, right now, have the votes to pass just about any anti firearms ownership laws they can come up with. The fact that mainstream media shills like Leslie Stahl frown and pout the party line should make every gun owner even more suspicious and cautious.

“The NRA is oh-so-mean and powerful!” Feinstein infers, but she does so with the cunning of Brer Rabbit orchestrating his launch into the briar patch!

The fact is that Feinstein knows full well that this present corrupt Congress can, and will, do anything it damn well pleases! Gun owners should curse, and, at the same time, ironically bless, the Bank Bailout schemes that our “representatives” fell over themselves to pass recently. Why? Because their slithering, vain arrogance revealed, once and for all, what your “voice” really means to them: NOTHING.

So, what is Feinstein’s true plan? Well, she revealed it on “Sixty Minutes”: A culture war in America.

Feinstein agreed that further “gun control” schemes would incite such a war. And then she declared that she, all by her little ‘ole self, would trigger this event by personally choosing the time and place. Don’t just believe me on this. Read her own words in the CBSNews link.

So, until Darth Dianne snaps her fingers, the gun prohibitionists in the Obama Administration and their bedfellows in Congress will continue the verbal billowing and pontificating and posturing in their dance of smoke and mirrors. But anyone with an ounce of sense must realize that the writing is on the wall.

You don’t need a weatherman to see which way the wind blows.” Bob Dylan.

It’s really so obvious: Feinstein and Crew are waiting for a few more gun massacres before leading Lemming America off the cliff.

Time and tide are in their favor. Millions of people in this country are stuttering around under the influence of mind bending prescription drugs. The economy has many people against the ropes in desperation. And I will never back down from my assertion that some of the more heinous mass shootings over the last few decades were the work of programmed subjects … especially Dianne’s poster boy Patrick Purdy.

Before labeling me a “conspiracy nut”, please read my more detailed explanation for this viewpoint: (see - "You Know it's Coming"). For those of you who still balk at this realization, I also present you with a list of clinical papers regarding the possibility of such psychological manipulation: (Refer to- "Clinical Papers on The Hypnotic Induction of Anti-Social Behavior")

Meanwhile, you can’t do much about Congress and their treasonous schemes. The only way you can presently “vote” against the gun prohibitionists is to buy (while you still can) a semi automatic rifle and as much ammunition as you can afford.

Believe me, those hacks in D.C. do get reports on the burgeoning guns and ammo sales. It “sends a message to Moscow”. Power only understands power.

However, before you mount either a philosophical or physical resistance, you MUST educate yourself to the historical, moral intent of the Second Amendment. Please make use of JPFO’s free downloadable documentary, “2A Today for the U.S.A.”. Please circulate this video widely. You must recruit your friends, family, and neighbors into the Freedom Fraternity.

I also strongly suggest you watch for JPFO’s upcoming “No Guns For Negroes”, an incisive documentary examination of the “racist card” as it is played out by “gun control” pimps.

Feinstein and her ilk want an American people unarmed and fundamentally subservient like the British, the French, or the Germans. We can’t let them do it.

Frequent JPFO contributor and strategist, Kirby Ferris collaborated intensively with Aaron Zelman over the last two years. Ferris is now the Operations Manager of JPFO.

See all of Kirby Ferris’ articles.

© Copyright Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

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