"[A] clear and evenly balanced explanation of the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the Constitution of the United States. I highly recommend the viewing of this important work for people of all ages. Each amendment is explained and discussed fully in concise and clearly understood language. Examples of how each of the ten amendments apply to our own lives are clearly portrayed.

"I can think of nothing that is more important in our own time for Americans to understand than the Bill of Rights. If our unique republic is to continue with the assurance that all who reside here, both citizen and alien - be guaranteed the freedoms afford to us under the [C]onstitution, it is incumbent on us to have a full understanding of these rights. This film goes far to accomplish that end, and I highly recommend it to one and all."

Jerome Berkowitz
Former Social Studies teacher,
NYC Public Schools




It's revolutionary. It's simple. It's Bill of Rights or Bust, a 22-minute person-on-the-street interview program designed to be shown on cable TV, in classrooms, and in homes all over America.


Over the years, Americans have become increasingly ignorant about what rights they really have. Inalienable, individual rights have given way to "junk rights" -- privileges to be granted or withheld at the whim of the government. So when a government agent demands to:

  • detain you indefinitely
  • confiscate your legally-owned firearms
  • take your house or business to give to someone else
  • snoop through your email, your library records, or your financial records

... most people just shrug and comply. Worse, the police officers, bureaucrats or soldiers who carry out these violations are either equally ignorant about citizens' rights ... or simply don't care about following unconstitutional orders.

We must restore a Bill of Rights culture in this country. Until the populace knows all of its rights and insists those rights be respected, travesties such as these will only get worse.


The US flag is considered the symbol of our rights and freedoms, but the Bill of Rights is the source. It is the document that confirms that individual rights were born within us and existed before any nation or flag on earth. It defines abuses no government must ever be allowed to commit and rights no honest government would ever violate.

To the degree that we personally adhere to the Bill of Rights and demand that our governments do so, we are free. To the degree that we tolerate violations of the Bill of Rights, we're on the road to tyranny.

As one supporter said, "It's all for one and one for all. You can't separate the Bill of Rights and say, 'I want this part, but not that part!'"


Bill of Rights or Bust gives you a tool that will open people's eyes -- easily and swiftly.

No big lectures -- just play the video. No thick books to read -- just play the video. No confusing scholarly tomes on liberty -- just play the video.

Most people haven't cared about lost rights up to now -- BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY'RE REALLY LOSING. Bill of Rights or Bust changes that. In half an hour, people will understand.

The editors who worked with us to produce the video now "get it." The camera crews and studio crews "got it" after seeing what we've done. Your friends and family members will get it, too.

But first YOU need to get it -- order your copy of Bill of Rights or Bust today!


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