"There is nothing more important than teaching Americans about the Bill of Rights, and the visual power of film makes [Bill of Rights or Bust] an entertaining vehicle for that lesson. [It] should be required viewing in our schools. "

Mara Wallis, director
Entertaining Vietnam

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Bill of Rights or Bust!
$24.95 postpaid DVD, $27.95 postpaid VHS.

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Over the years, Americans have become increasingly ignorant about what rights they really have. Inalienable, individual rights have given way to "junk rights" -- privileges to be granted or withheld at the whim of the government. Our educational film Bill of Rights or BUST shows you what rights we REALLY have -- and why those rights are worth keeping.


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Bill of Rights Day T-Shirt
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Bill of Rights Day Poster
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December 15, 1791
ALL of the BILL of RIGHTS for ALL Citizens

First-ever Bill of Rights Day poster
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Bill of Rights Day Lapel Pin
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Bill of Rights Day Kit!
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Planning a Bill of Rights Day celebration? Make it special with our Bill of Rights Day Kit! Newly updated, our kit includes:

    • 1 copy Bill of Rights or Bust (for showing)
    • 1 Bill of Rights Day poster (for displaying)
    • 1 book of 72 Bill of Rights Day stamps (for sharing)
    • Don't forget to check out our sample resolution, letter to the editor, and oped piece!

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