ALL of the BILL of RIGHTS for ALL Citizens

December 15 is Bill of Rights Day. We encourage everyone to support a Bill of Rights Culture by celebrating this day.

Let us hear from you when you celebrate Bill of Rights Day! Don't forget to check out our Bill of Rights Day Kit!

- Have a party! Invite friends and neighbors, show "Bill of Rights or Bust", play some games, and send everyone home with a copy of the Bill of Rights.

- Set up a showing of "Bill of Rights or Bust" at your local civic or social club. Give a brief discussion of why Bill of Rights Day is importan,t and hand out copies of a sample resolution.

- Write a letter to the editor or an op-ed piece (larger circulation papers are better, but smaller ones are more likely to print your letter)

- Call (or write to) a talk show. Ask the host whether he/she has heard of the Bill of Rights Day movement. If a guest is speaking on a related subject of rights, Constitution, etc, call in to ask whether guest has heard of BORD. Suggest that the host contact JPFO to arrange interview.

- Write to local elected officials. Send information & sample resolution. Urge that he/she offer a resolution recognizing Bill of Rights Day.

- Contact a friendly member of school board to suggest a showing of "Bill of Rights or Bust". Propose a Bill of Rights Day writing competition for students, with prizes of cash, free products or services from your business, recognition/certicate from your civic organization, or anything else that's appropriate. Be creative!

- Sponsor a Bill of Rights Day writing or speech competition in your child's public or private school (contact school directly -- see item above for ideas).

- Contact a "local access" cable channel programmer who is putting on educational or current affairs shows and ask if they would show "Bill of Rights or Bust."

- Contact local public library. Suggest that they put out a Bill of Rights display during the week leading up to Dec. 15, and that they stock "Bill of Rights or Bust." Ask them to allow you to place a Bill of Rights Day poster up on display during same week.

- Post messages on all of the computer bulletin boards and newsgroups where it would be appropriate, promoting Bill of Rights Day and "Bill of Rights or Bust"..

- Whenever asked, answer that your motivation is to:

  • Educate Americans about the Bill of Rights
  • Preserve all of the Bill of Rights for all citizens


Why Celebrate Bill of Rights Day

  • The Bill of Rights is a major part of the "American way of life." America's civic holidays -- the Birthdays of Washington, Lincoln, and King, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day -- all remind us of the special contributions and sacrifices made by our forefathers and leaders to preserve, protect, and extend our freedoms. Each of these civic holidays exists because someone cared enough to fight and die for our rights -- the rights contained in the Bill of Rights.

  • The Bill of Rights energizes our military defense. American service men and women swear and oath to preserve and defend the Bill of Rights . . . it is part of the Constitution. When American military people fight and die for our country, they do so to protect our rights and freedoms under the Bill of Rights.
  • The Bill of rights might otherwise be forgotten. Many or most Americans do not know their Bill of Rights. A special day would encourage even the government schools to teach about it for at least one day per year.
  • Bill of Rights Day would declare America's commitment to fundamental human rights to the whole world.
  • Just as celebrating the Jewish and Christian Holy Days reminds Americans of these religious beliefs and traditions, Bill of Rights Day would annually remind America of how its history and philosophy have produced the rights which oppressed peoples everywhere still long for.
  • Bill of Rights Day would be a super Memorial Day. It would honor the sacrifices and deaths of countless millions of people who struggled for basic human and civil rights for the last thousand years.
  • Bill of Rights Day would help force today's politicians to take a stand for or against fundamental American rights.
  • Bill of Rights Day would remind prosecutors, bureaucrats, and judges that their authority and power are limited.
  • Bill of Rights Day would remind all members of government that they serve the citizens, not rule them -and that the citizens always retain the right to stop government from becoming a monster.
  • Bill of Rights Day would help Americans on the political left, center, and right see how we all share common core values -- and how we must all work together to keep our government on a short leash.

Let us hear from you when your city celebrates Bill of Rights Day!
Don't forget to check out our Bill of Rights Day Kit!


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