Why Don’t They Lie About JPFO?



By Aaron Zelman, Founder and Director of
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

Copyright 2010 Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

One of the more insidious and freedom hating gun prohibitionist groups in America has, for decades, been the "Southern Poverty Law Center". They are basically a morally corrupt, left wing propaganda vehicle, with an immense stash of cash from who knows where.

However, we now might want to start paying a lot more attention to SPLC, because it, via Mark Potok, obviously has the Obama administration’s ear via its insinuation into various paramilitary State and Federal police agencies. It is obvious that Homeland Security czarette Janet Napolitano ("Big Sis") drools over their every word. Just recently SPLC issued a sort of "enemies list". You might want to check it out.

♦ Homeland Security ’czarette’ Janet Napolitano ("Big Sis") drools over their every word.

Now please notice that SPLC’s shop worn, and increasingly obvious, tactic is tarring with a broad brush. They specialize in emotionalized illogic. Observe how their twisted conclusions always lead to the foundational innuendo that if you own a gun, and are willing to defend yourself and your loved ones from either criminals, or a government-gone-bad, you are:

1. A "racist".
2. An "anti-Semite".
3. A "conspiracy theorist".
4. A "tax resistor".
5. Distrustful of the Federal Reserve.
6. An "anti government extremist".
7. An "anti immigration extremist".
8. A "religious fanatic".
9. A member of "The Militia".
10. Just plain filled with "hate".

JPFO is the most aggressive established Second Amendment organization in America. Since 1989 we’ve advocated "zero tolerance" for all existing and proposed so-called "gun control" schemes.

JPFO is a staunch defender of the Constitution, and especially the Bill of Rights. JPFO fervently believes that a seriously and significantly armed citizenry is the only REAL guarantee that America’s government cannot become a tyranny. The Founders understood this in 1791, and JPFO understands it now.

However, after reading SPLC’s "Bad Guys" list, I had to seriously ask myself: "Why, in its more than twenty years of intense activism in favor of a widely armed citizenry, hasn’t JPFO landed on SPLC’s list by now?"

And then it came to me. There truly is a conspiracy against freedom in America. SPLC and its co-conspirators simply cannot confront, in any way, shape, or form, the key issues that JPFO has been first to expose to the American public, and in several cases, the world.

♦ There truly is a conspiracy against freedom in America.

QUESTION: Why won’t SPLC debate JPFO’s stance on the deadly relationship between genocide and "gun control" over the last one hundred years? See our "Gun Control/Genocide Chart" at www.jpfo.org.

ANSWER: Because it’s the ugly truth, and SPLC fears the American people understanding this reality.

QUESTION: Why hasn’t SPLC rebutted JPFO’s groundbreaking, and meticulously documented, revelation that the police have NO LEGAL DUTY to protect you or your loved ones?

ANSWER: Because it’s the truth. Federal and State courts have consistently ruled exactly this. SPLC doesn’t want people to know this disturbing truth because SPLC’s "gun control" agenda would then be revealed and furiously rejected across this nation.

QUESTION: Why hasn’t SPLC refuted JPFO’s fully documented revelation that Nazi German gun laws were imported into American law in the form of "The Gun Control Act of 1968", and that this was the work of the late Senator Thomas Dodd?

ANSWER: Because the SPLC wholeheartedly supports these vile and life destroying laws.

QUESTION: Why hasn’t SPLC labeled JPFO’s ground breaking documentary about the first widespread "gun control" laws in America, "No Guns for Negroes", as racist?

ANSWER: Because it is the truth, and the film’s message is the exact antithesis of racism. SPLC supports racist laws.

QUESTION: Why hasn’t SPLC refuted the JPFO published psychiatric revelation that many of the frenzied gun prohibitionists are actually mentally ill? See: "Raging Against Self Defense"

ANSWER: They don’t challenge this because they don’t want the light of day shining upon their own mental health issues.

♦ … they don’t want the light of day shining upon their own mental health issues.

QUESTION: Why has SPLC patently ignored the revelations of government criminality that JPFO has exposed in our documentary "The Gang"?

ANSWER: SPLC needs BATFE to carry out its agenda of demonizing, damning, and disarming gun owners.

You see, SPLC thrives on lies, innuendo, semantic distortion, illogical emotionalism, and outright idiocy to run their propagandistic brainwashing campaigns. They throw everyone into the same bucket and call them the dangerous "Patriots" or "Militia".

Sure, there very well might be some anti-Semites or racists on SPLC’s list (even some carefully placed government provocateurs). However, some of the people mentioned I know as upstanding, honest and moral Americans who just happen to be freedom lovers. And when, may I ask, has being a "Patriot" become some badge of evil? This is poisonous political correctness. These tactics have been used in modern history by tyrannies to enslave entire populations.

Don’t be fooled by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s treacherous anti-American political correctness and mind gaming. Realize what they are up to. Wake up. And, if you ever hear anyone buying into, or repeating, their deceitful distortions, speak out loudly, while you still have the freedom to do so.

The highly skilled, and well financed, liars and deceptionists at SPLC fear JPFO’s "intellectual ammunition". Arm yourself today…and then start firing back. The future or our nation, and your liberty, depend on it.

Here’s what you must do now.

1. Don’t sit back and swallow the SPLC garbage.
2. Expose and exploit SPLC’s weaknesses.
3. Distribute this article far and wide. Email costs NOTHING. Just do it.
4. Visit these JPFO links: download for free "No Guns for Negroes" …
"The Gang Movie" …"Innocents Betrayed"


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