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By Kirby Ferris 1/29/09

Copyright 2009, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Gun owners now face what appears to be the seeming inevitability of nationwide gun registration and ammunition registration. Many longtime pro-gun advocates, even in their most fitful dreams, had not foreseen the immensely somber showdown we are confronting.

One writer (Bob Unruh in World Net Daily) appropriately used the phrase “perfect storm” to describe what American gun owners face at this moment in history. All the elemental societal and political forces seem to have conjoined to form an immense “low pressure” zone of impending anti-gun legislation. The goal: Confiscation.

Is “confiscation” too harsh a word? Ladies and gentlemen, every government on Earth that has orchestrated a genocide first registered, and then confiscated, personal firearms. See: JPFO Genocide Chart .

Ironically, no one element of this “perfect storm of gun control” is actually new. We’ve had plenty of warning. It’s just that this time all the conditions truly are perfect. Like Katrina headed for New Orleans.

1. We’ve heard of ammunition registration schemes for years. Using the Georgia State Legislature as a probing device, the victim disarmament crowd is going to bar code your bullets, and, if they can pass the whole enchilada, make you “dispose of” your present ammunition by January of 2012. Of course, that means you will have to sign for every box of ammunition you buy from now on. My opinion? The NRA will squawk loudly … and then compromise. The NRA will consider it a victory that they get the “dispose of” clause dropped. Desired goal: Confiscation.

2. Let’s all watch as thousands of homecoming veterans become ineligible for gun ownership. This law is a done deal. The NRA backed it and Bush signed it. Some brave soldier, fighting house to house in Fallujah, might decide to seek some counseling for the horror he’s seen. Sure he’s got issues. War is hell. Ask any WWII, Korean, or Vietnam combat veteran. No one can remain psychically unscarred. But now this combat veteran, this soldier who offers his life to protect your freedom, will be denied the most fundamental human right, the right to self defense. Desired goal: Confiscation.

3. Universal handgun registration. And this one is wafting up from Barack Hussein Obama’s home State of Illinois. Again, this is a probe: Get a law passed on a State level and then let it “trickle up” to Congress and a President who will be the most anti gun in our history. Desired goal: Confiscation.

4. Obama’s pick for Attorney General, and pending legislation to give that officeholder complete personal discretion to ban firearms that were originally designed for military or law enforcement use. That means pump shotguns (used in WWI), Grampa’s old Garrand that he gave you (used in WWII), and any semi auto rifle or pistol that has military or police background use. Oh yeah, toss in your .308 deer rifle. It’s a “sniper rifle”. Desired goal: Confiscation.

Additionally Obama is going to probably get two chances at new Supreme Court justices. And, because the NRA long ago retreated into a reactive stance when it actually had the power to utterly defeat prior legislation, our so-called gun rights advocates will once again fall prey to typical “dialectic” maneuverings by the victim disarmament crowd. An insane bill is presented (thesis), reaching far beyond what our opponents actually want (at the moment), the NRA screams and takes a flaccid stand (antithesis) … and then compromises, and we get saddled with another sellout of our rights (synthesis).

What can be done? Petition the politicians who already ignore you? Petition the NRA Board of Directors, when it is blatantly obvious that the NRA was infiltrated by Bill of Rights saboteurs decades ago? No, all your letters and faxes and emails and phone calls won’t work with the two- faced connivers who are running things, both in D.C. and deep within the NRA. Forget the traitors and their dupes. Don’t waste your breath.

It’s time to take it to the streets. No, I’m not talking about open shooting … yet. I’m talking about educating your friends and neighbors. If every ardent gun owner can bring just one other person over to our somber understanding of freedom and private firearms, this battle … no, this war … will be won. You need a “secret weapon” that will quietly penetrate the awareness of your friends and neighbors. JPFO’s DVD“2A Today for the U.S.A.” is just that “secret weapon”. This documentary film is quietly persuasive. What it presents is inarguable. (“2A Today for the U.S.A.” is free online from www.jpfo.org.)

What if every ardent gun owner brought two people over to our side? We can bury the moral perversity of victim disarmament for decades.

There’s a storm a comin’. Tell your neighbors. Yes, the “perfect storm” of “gun control” approaches. Batten down the hatches.

Frequent JPFO contributor and strategist, Kirby Ferris collaborated intensively with Aaron Zelman over the last two years. Ferris is now the Operations Manager of JPFO.

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