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June 15th 2012

JPFO mourns another loss.

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It is with much sadness that we share with you the news of the death of JPFO's Research Director Kirby Ferris. A prolific writer, Kirby passed away on Wednesday, June 13th, after battling a long illness.

At JPFO, this perhaps most affects our Rabbinic Director Rabbi Bendory and our Webmaster Chris, each of whom actively worked with Kirby on a daily basis. Each has written a tribute to Kirby which we would like to share with you - read Rabbi Bendory's tribute on this page, and the webmasters' tribute here

In addition, we invite you to honor Kirby's memory by visiting the archive of his prodigious JPFO writings. By choosing an article or two to share with a friend, you'll help keep Kirby's spirit alive in JPFO.

Kirby Ferris, our friend and colleague, may you rest in peace.


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