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JPFO runs the occasional survey - and an index page of these can be found here. Most will be left open for some while and older ones will have some results files to see.


JPFO currently has four polls running and so to facilitate finding these we are using this page as a common pointer to them. Do go vote.

Note - with the BATFE poll in particular we have heard that the poll itself will not always open - seemingly when using Internet Explorer. The poll provider had no solution and it seems it can be intermittent.  We do however strongly recommend the use of Firefox as the best alternate browser, or Opera or Safari - both of which are slightly slower.



"Should illegal aliens in the USA receive the full protection of the Bill of Rights?" - Views vary on this matter but if we take the word "illegal" in its most literal sense then this means they are neither bona fide citizens nor even legal residents. Therefore, do they have a legitimate claim on the protections conferred by the Bill of Rights?  Go vote on the poll.

Read the following articles to remind yourself just how Mexico deals with illegal aliens - "How Mexico Treats Illegal Immigrants" and "How Mexico Treats Illegal Aliens". Also - read "Remember where you heard this".


"Do you Trust the Police to Honor your Rights?" - You should read this article first, as well as watch this disturbing video.  (An additional article you may also like to read first is about a photographer's police harrassment and arrest.)

Then go and place your vote in the poll. More and more we seem to see heavy handed policing, to the extent that many regard the country as becoming (if not already) a police state, with scant regard for the Constitution and their oath.


"The Critical Decision".  As the nation edges ever closer to possible unrest we have to wonder whether our military would fire upon its own countrymen if so directed, in the process of firearms confiscation, or for that matter under any situation of "crisis". Go take the poll and pass it on to your friends.


"Should the BATFE be Abolished?"   One of JPFO's most vigorous campaigns has long been that of trying to reduce the power of, or totally abolish, the BATFE as an over funded alphabet agency. It started as a taxation agency but now threatens people's 2A rights as well as showing major abuses concerning firearms test procedures. Go take the poll and pass it on to your friends.


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