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2013 Alerts

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2013 Alerts (For more recent 2013 alerts go to July 2013 onwards page.)

June 30th 2013   Three Things Mark Kelly Probably Won't Say on Upcoming Gun Control Tour

June 29th 2013   "Ghosts of Waco", and "Imagine this today?"

June 28th 2013   Destroying the gun control Myth

June 27th 2013   Gun "Buyback" Crimes Possible

June 26th 2013   LIARS! -- Background Check Gun Records Are Saved

June 25th 2013   A Well Regulated Militia

June 24th 2013   Make Gun Companies Pay Blood Money

June 23rd 2013   Michael Bloomberg gun control group site registered to NYC

June 22nd 2013   Federal nullification efforts mounting in states

June 21st 2013   The 50 BMG draw is now closed - (plus)

June 20th 2013   State gun law threatens LI weapons tester

June 19th 2013   Charles Heller discusses the 50 MBG Draw - audio file

June 18th 2013   A Conversation on Guns in America- "Assaulted" - Review

June 17th 2013   Win a Serbu .50 BMG Rifle - Sold out - closed 6/21/13.

June 16th 2013   Oppose the Second Amendment ... Pay The Price

June 15th 2013   This is how it should be - Video

June 13th 2013   A Message To American "Law Enforcement" - Mike Vanderboegh speech at Temple TX

June 12th 2013   Elementary School Beginning Toy Gun Turn-In Program

June 11th 2013   "Gun Free Zone" Fails. Murder at Santa Monica College

June 10th 2013   Civilians are Safer than Police

June 9th 2013   IRS Scandal Shows You Can't Trust Government, says Gun Law Expert

June 8th 2013   New Poll Shows England Wants Its Guns Back

June 7th 2013   The DOJ Memo

June 6th 2013   Sen. Blumenthal To Offer Gun Control Amendments To Immigration Bill

June 5th 2013   Phone app places gun-free zones in crosshairs

June 4th 2013   Critical Questions for B. Todd Jones

June 3rd 2013   Empire State DA: I won't prosecute Cuomo's new gun law

June 2nd 2013   Backlash! Gun-control laws nullified

June 1st 2013   Cops and Federal Encroachment

May 31st 2013   The Little Lego Gun

May 30th 2013   Second Amendment Attitude

May 29th 2013   Cuomo to N.Y. Sheriffs: Keep Quiet About Gun Law

May 28th 2013   A victory for common sense

May 26th 2013   Memorial Day 2013

May 25th 2013   Gun Control Targets Gun Owners

May 24th 2013   Boruch Spiegel, Fighter in Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Dies at 93

May 23rd 2013   An Experiment in Crime Control and Social Engineering.. One Free Shotgun at a Time

May 22nd 2013   Gun Free Zones: A Prevalent Delusion

May 21st 2013   Gun law in the shires (UK)

May 19th 2013   54 CO Sheriffs file suit against recent Co gun bills - video and editorial

May 18th 2013   NY Man Arrested for Having 9 Rounds In Gun Instead Of 7

May 17th 2013   The Mystery of the Missing Crime Data

May 16th 2013   D.C. dirty tricks in the unfolding David Gregory mystery-drama

May 15th 2013   "WACO, A New Revelation" - Video DVD

May 14th 2013   In case you think 'gun control' efforts are over

May 13th 2013   Eric Holder says Feds Will Ignore State Laws and Enforce Gun Grab

May 12th 2013   Senator Targets Gun Powders with Explosives 'Background Check' Law

May 11th 2013   If You Outlaw Pencils, only Outlaws Will Have Pencils

May 10th 2013   The chicken littles of the the right to self-defense, don't want you to know this

May 9th 2013   Policing And Militarism After Boston

May 8th 2013   Waking the Dragon -- How Feinstein fiddled while America burned

May 7th 2013   The Sad, Strange, and Ineffective Story of the Canadian Firearms Registry

May 6th 2013   The inner workings of the 1911

May 5th 2013   Will your Doctor be incentivized to drop a dime on you?

May 4th 2013   Should Christians Give Up Their Guns?

May 3rd 2013   What Does Judaism Say About Gun Control?

May 2nd 2013   The Dick Act and Gun Control

May 1st 2013   Magazine limits can kill good guys

April 30th 2013   Letter to the editor of the Jewish Ledger ...

April 29th 2013   Is the National Guard the "militia?"

April 28th 2013   Why you carry extra ammo and full capacity magazines ...

April 27th 2013   Austin TX AG writes to the President

April 26th 2013   Back Door Import Bans

April 25th 2013   Is this the future?

April 24th 2013   Fierce Defenders of the Second Amendment

April 23rd 2013   Mike Vanderboegh - Ardent Opponent To Tyranny

April 22nd 2013   Disabled Vietnam Vet Denied Weapon Purchase In Background Check Debacle

April 21st 2013   A warning from Canada

April 20th 2013   The Toxic Conversation About Guns

April 19th 2013   Zero Tolerance, (and "I'm Just a Gun") - Comment plus Music

April 18th 2013   What happened to the right to bear arms?

April 17th 2013   Manchin-Toomey Amendment Orchestrates Gun Registration

April 16th 2013   Homeland Security collecting gun owner info

April 15th 2013   Drones, guns and the president

April 14th 2013   'If We Can Save Just One Child ...'

April 13th 2013   More Gaslighting

April 12th 2013   Christians and Hate Groups

April 11th 2013   PoliceOne.com Survey

April 10th 2013   Gun Law Drafted In Secret

April 9th 2013   NY Gun Confiscation Underway

April 8th 2013   A Rural Jewish View of Home Protection

April 7th 2013   Genocide vs Self-protection - handbills

April 6th 2013   A Long Island Horror Story

April 5th 2013   Hollywood and guns -- plus, 'Low guns IQ!' - videos

April 4th 2013   Jim Crow Rides Again

April 3rd 2013   Gun Laws and the Fools of Chelm

April 2nd 2013   Why NRA says background checks lead to confiscation

April 1st 2013   Putting Gun Death Statistics in Perspective

March 31st 2013   The Fantasy of Gun Control

March 30th 2013   Harry Reid's New Gun Control Bill Is Designed To Destroy Gun Ownership

March 29th 2013   A JPFO Ambassador excels

March 29th 2013   Gun Control for Dummies - It's Common Sense - video

March 28th 2013   Why Does A Jewish 'Defense Organization' Want To Put Jewish Lives At Risk?

March 27th 2013   Hitler Joins Gun Control Debate, But History Is In Dispute

March 26th 2013   Some Jews Actually Get It, About Guns

March 25th 2013   SCOTUS decisions on the 2A

March 24th 2013   The doctor and your guns

March 23rd 2013   No explanation needed (image)

March 22nd 2013   Gun Facts 6.2 released

March 21st, 2013   Suppose you were fond of books

March 20th, 2013   And so it Begins ...

March 19th, 2013   Gun grabbers blowing smoke

March 18th, 2013   Marine Corps Veteran employs his CCW

March 16th, 2013   NSSF Warns of Media Plan to Divide, Conquer Gun Rights Groups

March 15th, 2013   Freedom under attack from public and private sector

March 14th, 2013   "Shadow of the Gun" (and NRA Statement)

March 13th, 2013   Reflections on gun control by a Second Amendment advocate

March 12th, 2013   Universal Gun Reg. Database?

March 11th, 2013   Sheriffs Speak Out, and, "Never Again: Protect the Second Amendment"

March 10th, 2013   Gun Control 'Discussion'

March 9th, 2013   Snowstorm In Chicago Delays Hundreds Of Morning Murders

March 8th, 2013   'I Don't Believe People Should Be Able To Own Guns'

March 7th, 2013   The Catastrophic Consequences Of Gun Registration

March 6th, 2013   You are on your own

March 5th, 2013   Can you believe it?!

March 4th, 2013   Guns logic - and patriotism

March 3rd, 2013   Catastrophe when America's twin gave up guns

March 2nd, 2013   Calling Missouri Members

March 1st, 2013   The RKBA Shall Not Be Infringed

February 28th, 2013   The Dilemma of "Gun Control"

February 27th, 2013   Purim and the Right to Bear Arms

February 26th, 2013   The Second Amendment ain't about hunting

February 25th, 2013   Two new handbills, each with a message

February 24th, 2013   Why I oppose Universal Background Checks - A turning point

February 23rd, 2013   Owning firearms is a First Amendment exercise, too!

February 21st, 2013   Democide: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns and Freedom

February 20th, 2013   The Gun Ban Lobby and Its Funders

February 19th, 2013   The "Assault Rifle" Conundrum

February 18th, 2013   JPFO mourns the loss of LaVonne Schuett

February 17th, 2013   Newtown ... or Everytown?

February 16th, 2013   The JPFO Ambassador Program

February 14th, 2013   Even gun-control journalism requires balance

February 13th, 2013   'Assault weapons' ban won't work

February 12th, 2013   Jew without a gun

February 10th, 2013   Rabbi Bendory at Trenton NJ 2A gathering - (Sound file.)

February 9th, 2013   Sandy Hook father speaks out to his legislators

February 7th, 2013   Special Forces Community Letter Concerning The 2A

February 7th, 2013   Denver Colorado Rally

February 6th, 2013   British Gun Control and the American Revolution

February 5th, 2013   The 2A: Constitutional Right or a Governmental Wrong?

February 4th, 2013   Gun Control - A Canadian Perspective

February 4th, 2013   2A Rally Events to Note

February 3rd, 2013   New Jersey Pro 2A Gathering

February 2nd, 2013   Gun Control and Liberal Illusions

February 1st, 2013   Gun Control - Fact and Fantasy - Update

January 30th, 2013   The Gun Control Debate

January 29th, 2013   Gun Control - Fact and Fantasy

January 28th, 2013   A War of Personal Freedom

January 27th, 2013   Guns and the president

January 25th, 2013   Cuomo's "gift" to New York

January 24th, 2013   Is this a sell-out deal?

January 24th, 2013   It's on! Feinstein unveiling gun-grab plan

January 22nd, 2013   The child shields

January 21st, 2013   We are Now Choosing Between Guns and Words

January 19th, 2013   The Facts About Assault Weapons and Crime

January 18th, 2013   The right to shoot tyrants, not deer

January 17th, 2013   What My Liberal Friends Need to Know About Gun Control

January 16th, 2013   Of Despots and Sheeple

January 15th, 2013   "No gun-free sign for me"

January 15th, 2013   Guns and Freedom

January 14th, 2013   See what gun laws do in Chicago!

January 13th, 2013   In The Ghetto

January 12th, 2013   LIAR?

January 11th, 2013   A Lesson to be Learned on the Anniversary of Wounded Knee

January 10th, 2013   Hell No!

January 8th, 2013   In Defense of The Second Amendment

January 6th, 2013   "Power To the People" and, "Gun Control, Thought Control and People Control"

January 4th, 2013   The Nazi roots of U.S. gun-control laws (plus)

January 3rd,2013   I am a peaceful AR-15 rifle owner (plus)

January 2nd, 2013   After Newtown, Jews Lead Renewed Push on Guns

January 1st, 2013   Compare 10 big "killers" in the U.S.


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