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An archive of Shotgun News' "Common Sense" columns by JPFO

2006 Columns

All Systems are GO -- to Stop BATFE Abuses (November 2006)(pdf format)

American Tea Party - 2006! (October 2006)(pdf format)

Gun Owners Are Taking On The Gang! (July 2006)(pdf format)

Take This Test: Have You Had Enough Yet? (June 2006)(pdf format)

And Now, Equal Time for Our Opponents (May 2006)(pdf format)

Taxes and Gun Rights - What Gun Owners Must Know (April 2006)(pdf format)
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Has the BATFE Ever Contacted You? (March 2006)(pdf format)

Give the BATFE Bureaucrats the BOOT! (February 2006)(pdf format)

Give the Bureaucrats the BOOT! (January 2006)(pdf format)

2005 Columns

It's Not Stealth, It's Truth! (December 2005) (pdf format)

Don't Read This if You Can't Stand the Truth (November 2005) (pdf format)

Gun Owners: It's Time to Be "Talkin' to America" (October 2005)

The World Our Children Will Inherit (September 2005)

RebelFire: Irresistable! (August 2005)

Is There Any Hope of Getting a Fair "Gun Law" Trial? (July 2005)

Damnable Lies That Killed a School (June 2005)

Innocents Betrayed...In New York City (May 2005)

"A Shoestring Is a Machinegun" - Says BATFE (April 2005)

BATFE Fails the Test (March 2005)

Move Over, Jay Leno! (February 2005)

This Weapon is Set to Stun! (January 2005)

2004 and Previous Columns

Talking Turkey with the "Tubers"

200 Pounds Sterling Machine Gun

Photograph Your Guns - Then Kiss Them Goodbye

Dead Batteries Make Dead People

Rosie vs. Reality: What Every Woman Must Know

We Can't Protect Our Rights Empty-Handed

Profiles in Moral Courage: Speaking Out Is What Heroes Do

Which Do We Prefer: Peace Officer . or Government Agent?

Psychiatric Analysis Shows Anti-Gun People Suffer "Mental Condition"

Can Patriotism Endanger Our Rights?

Beware The Barbed Hook of "Gun Control"

Guns in Movies: Where Do We Stand?

Who Defends Women Against Campus Rape? College Doctor Prescribes Guns For Self-Protection

Is Your Doctor A Spy?

When the Facts Don't Convince Them -- Get Inside Their Minds

U.N. Burns Guns on July 9: Your Rights Are Next

It's Here: UN Small Arms Conference Plans For Worldwide Gun Registration, Confiscation

Death by Gun Control: The Human Cost of Victim Disarmament

With No Apologies To John Lennon, by special contributor L. Neil Smith

Who Will Decide Your Fate? The Jury is Out .

Why Should You Join Us?

The Last of the BOHICANS

The State vs. The People: What Every Thinking American Must Know

Become A Movie Producer - And Change America

Introducing: The Freedom Pledge

Disarmed -- Defenseless -- Dead: It's the Law

Answer The Toughest Question

Instant Inspiration: "I Will Live Free"

December 15 -- Top Priority: Bill of Rights Day

Keep Your Powder Dry -- Major Events Planned for 2003

Imagine this Weapon In Your Hands

GCA '68: What Your Politician Never Told You

Would You Sound The Alarm?

You Didn't Really Believe Those Promises, Did You?

Fireworks for Firearms

Win The Argument - Without Saying A Word

When Left and Right Unite Against Our Freedoms, We're Hosed

Registering Collectibles and Confiscating Defense Guns: Summer 2003

Two Minutes Minus an Hour , by special contributor Kenneth V.F. Blanchard

Stroke of the Pen - The End of Your Gun Rights

Bullets to Save Ballots

New Gun Bans Invade Every State -- Are You Equipped to Fight Back?

Give Your Name or Go To Jail

What Happens When . The Courts Don't Care About Your Rights?

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